The web is a magnanimous platform that connects billions of devices and operating systems. Progressive web apps use the latest technologies and provide us with brilliant web and mobile apps. It was in the year 2015 when progressive web apps were introduced. Due to the ease of development, it attracted the attention of many users and also has a great application’s user experience. It creates a website very similar to an app-like experience by whoever uses it. You can also deploy it as an app that can be seen on the app store. Let us see what is required to make an app which is considered as a progressive web app:

  • It should be progressive because it has to work ok with every user and every browser.
  • The app must be responsive so that it can be accessed from any desktop, tablet, mobile, or any gadget.
  • It should be capable enough to be independent of internet connectivity. It should be able to work on low-quality networks and sometimes working offline as well.
  • It should have the navigation and interaction of an enhanced app.
  • Timely updates are taken care of by the service worker update process. This keeps the app fresh and updated.
  • It should be safe, secure, and tamper-proof.
  • The app should be identifiable as applications.
  • The app should be re-engageable and installable. It should be installable even without the help of an App Store.
  • The app should be linkable so that anyone can share it very easily with the others by forwarding just a single link.

The Future Of Web Applications

Progressive web applications are considered as the future of web applications. This is because they have properties like native app flexibility, high performance, easy to fix errors and bugs, lightning-fast speed, seamless integration, offline access, and high user engagement. To see the practical effectiveness you need look no further than some of the most popular adult sites on the net. Adult content and adult dating sites were early adopters of PWA’s. For example, the SkipTheGames app was developed as a PWA to provide better user experience and they saw the visitors jump 20 percent. This is an adult site battling in a fiercely competitive space for coveted adult web traffic that utilized a progressive web app to ultimately get more users.

A very important characteristic of a progressive web app is that it must work on all devices and browsers. By using web languages like HTML along with JavaScript this is possible. The inbuilt applications on the home screen of your mobile phone will always work regardless of any network connection. These apps are launched in their standalone experience. These apps on your phone interact with the data stored on your device, they also can read and write files from the local file system, they can access hardware connected via USB Bluetooth or any other means. They can also access your events, contacts, and all the data on your phone. When you use the service workers and also web app manifest the application you develop out of this will be much more applicable and reliable. The users will have an amazing experience. The progressive web pages have made a 65% increase in pages per session on Twitter. There was also a huge increase in the subscriptions daily activity of the users and many more. At this time it is really hard to imagine any mobile web app design without progressive web application.

What Are Progressive Web Apps (PWA’s)?